5 October 2010

FACE atelier

(before is with no make-up on at all, excuse the wet hair)


13 September 2010

Review-HALO hair extensions

If you didn't know I had shoulder length hair would you know I had hair extensions in here?


2 September 2010

My foundation routine using M.A.C face and body.

This is the super hero in my routine, I have been using face and body for around 2 years now and unless my skin changes I doubt I will use anything else.


16 August 2010

Celeb style-Edie Sedgwick

In brief Edie Sedgwick was an 1960's "it girl", she was  an actress, model, socialite and heiress. 
She created a buzz with her wild antics and adventurous style.


2 August 2010

Whitney Port - Goddess style updo

Todays hairstyle was inspired by the gorgeous Whitney Port, you may know her from the Hills/City or for her clothing line Whitney Eve.


31 July 2010

Ode to an icon- Audrey Hepburn make-up

Hands up if you love the legend that is Audrey Hepburn!

20 July 2010

A modern Brigitte Bardot look

What attracts me to make-up?
It's taking inspiration from things and making them my own. It could be anything from living objects to surroundings and icons.


12 July 2010

Elegant Arab eye make-up

So I decided to do a cute Arab eye make-up, this one was influenced by a picture I seen on google. I like the simplicity and elegance. It's sexy but modern which is quite a hard combo to come up with so kudos to the mua who created this. 
What makes this wearable is the simple eyeliner and smokey crease.This allows you to use bright colours on the lid.


22 May 2010

Beyonce Why dont you love me?

If you haven't already seen Beyonce's amazing new video for 'Why don't you love me?' you need to go looksie.
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