2 September 2010

My foundation routine using M.A.C face and body.

This is the super hero in my routine, I have been using face and body for around 2 years now and unless my skin changes I doubt I will use anything else.

 It has everything I'm looking for in a foundation-

Smells nice CHECK
Non-comedogenic CHECK
Light coverage that can be layered CHECK
Blends seamlessly CHECK
Transfer and water resistant CHECK
Perfect for photography CHECK

It is adored by many make-up artists for it's professional natural looking finish that is ideal for photography. It can be mixed to lighter or darker shades like what I do to create the perfect colour.

About the product
It is a water based foundation making it ideal for all skin types. It is water resistant and sweat proof making it last longer on the skin. This foundation sets whilst on the skin making it transfer resistant too. It is a light coverage foundation that can be built up to a slightly thicker coverage. Apply it with your hands, brushes or sponges. I find that if you place it on the back of the hand and let it warm a little it will  thicken slightly. For an airbrushed effect use a stipple brush like I do or for a heavier application use your hands, as you warm it up it turns more creamy in consistency.

120 ml 4.0 fl oz £23.00

N3 and C6 together

Mixed together

You can see how it thickens

Rubbed in using my hand

M.A.C 187 brush

My opinion
Well you all know I love it so there's not much to say other than although it's pricey it does last. Mine lasted nearly a year and I use it everyday/night and for tutorials so that's alot of usage.

Your shade?
This can only be matched at the counter... sorry guys. If you have never tried this before don't be tempted to guess your shade as it might be wrong. They come in N and C shades being neutral and cool I believe. Don't think that because your a NC in some M.A.C products that you will automatically be a C shade. I'm NC25 but turned out to be N3 in this.
Good buy or Good bye?
Good buy for make-up artists kits and those who want a light coverage, good bye  for those who want a medium to heavy coverage.

To see how I apply mine click the video 

What's your opinion?



  1. i love this face and body foundation i use it verry often! i started using this about 2 years ago and i mean i can make this foundation last and yes it looks great on photos.

  2. Hi Carly - I have read a lot of reviews about this foundation and one of the complaints is the staying power. How do you find it? Does it last a normal working day? Thanks! x

  3. Mac face and body is my new love. I agree with everything you say about it. It ticks all the boxes! x

  4. Wonderful post. I actually heard that it doesn't transfer. You don't have trouble with it at all?

  5. I have a few problem areas due to acne that I'd like to keep covered. What would you recommend for someone that needs a more heavier foundation? Great vid's! Love your work.

  6. I purchased the MAC Face and Body foundation about two weeks ago and I loove it. It is perfect for my dry and sensitive complexion. I first tried a sample for about two weeks in the shade C4 and loved it but thought my face looked a bit paler than my body so I ended up purchasing C5. I think maybe I will buy the C4 in the future when I am more pale in the winter. Great review!

  7. As soon as I sell a pair of my shoes on Ebay, this is mine! lol x


    it does last ages doesnt it x

  9. @janacameron
    I find it stays all day, I have even worn it all day to dinner and all i had to re-apply was blot powder and blush x

  10. @tackyblueeyeshadow
    Its the best around x

  11. @hanidee
    I have no problems at all i love it x

  12. @Charmen
    It depends on how bad it is, if there's alot of redness or swelling you might want a slightly hevier coverage. I have had a few spots and this stll covered them. I applied concealer in the same shade on top x

  13. @marilisa
    the perfect thing about this is that evenif you go a little paler or darker it is still useable. If you go a full shade lighter then the other shade is ideal then as you get darker gradually you can mix the 2 x

  14. Thanks for a great review! :D

    One question though: what is the formula like when it comes to oxidation? I've found that a few foundations start to oxidise and turn darker. (Example: Revlon Colorstay) Is this a problem with such a large bottle of product?

    Love, Bee. x


  15. what the thing did u say in the beginning of the vid, please? Formula..? So where can i get it and how does it work?Thx


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