23 February 2011

LFW - Backstage at Osman Yousefzada

Life if full of unexpected twists and turns. You never really know whats round the corner,on Saturday I was wishing I could go to fashion week then Sunday morning I was on my merry way to the fashion capital London. The talented and gorgeous Lisa Eldridge invited me to go backstage at the Osman show to watch how it all works so I can pursue my career in this field.


6 January 2011

GD7 Interviews James Harknett

I asked you guys on Twitter to send me your tanning queries so that I could quiz celebrity tanner James Harknett. (above)

3 January 2011

Review - Maxfactor Lipfinity lip tint pen

Today I purchased a few things from Maxfactor as I am impressed by the selection at the moment. Usually it all seems pretty dull and standard but seeing the advertisement of these lip tints sent me on my way pennies in hand.

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